Tannaz Lahiji was born in Tehran, Iran, on 8 March 1978 to a family of artists: her mother a painter and father a painter and lecturer at the Tehran School of Visual Arts, where the young Tannaz was to study from 1992 to 1997 and gain her diploma in painting.

From 1997 to 2002 she attended the Tehran Free University of Art and Architecture and obtained a Degree in Painting.

As she pursued her studies between 1999 and 2003 she embarked on an immediately promising artistic career and had her first experience of teaching in giving lessons of Artistic Design to children aged between six and twelve years. Simultaneously, between 2000-2001, she taught Anatomy at the Tehran University of Art. In 2002 and 2003 she was a manager at the Jahan Nama Gallery and Niavaran Palace Museum of Tehran.

She moved to Florance in 2004 and in 2005 was awarded a Master in Visual Arts at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti (LABA) in Florence. In 2006 she was curator at the Homa Gallery in Tehran. In the same year she collaborated on a workshop at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art together with its own artistic director. In 2008 she was engaged as lecturer in Drawing at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti (LABA) and she enrolled in a course of Specialization in Multimedia Language.

In 2008 she became gallery manager and curator of the Galleria Artedove in Florence, address: Via de’ Macci 81r.

In the same year she arranged a twinning of the towns of Esfahan in Iran and Florence, organizing also the exchange of teachers and students between the respective Academies of Fine Arts. On that occasion she set up ASIF (the Association Iranian Students in Florence) and the Association EKFRASIS.

In December 2009 she opened her own Gallery of Contemporary Art (Galleria TANNAZ) in Florence, address: Via delle Oche 9-11R.

In 2011 she was curator and critic of the group exhibition of Italians in China: “Suiteitaliana” .

In 2012 she was awarded the Chair in Artistic Anatomy at LABA and in 2013 she resumed her directorship of the Galleria Artedove.

In 2016 she curated and exhibited in two group shows at the exhibition Body Worlds at Santo Stefano al Ponte (Florence): “Collage Corpus 1” with students from LABA and “Collage Corpus 2” with international artists. In the same year she set up the cultural association Caffè Michelangiolo, of which she is artistic director. In 2017 she edited a collection of poetry by young artists, “Anto-Logica-Mente” in conjunction with Caffè Michelangiolo of Florence and the Tuscan Regional Council.

In 2017 she curated the exhibition on Carlo Lorenzini, author of Pinocchio – “E i miei compagni sono pronti? Gli domandò il burattino [“Are my companions ready” asked the puppet]” for Caffè Michelangiolo and the Tuscan Regional Council at Palazzo Bastogi.

In the same year she was promoter and curator of the charity auction “We Art”, with works produced by teachers and students of the LABA, with the aim of financing the restoration of two wooden crucifixes by Benedetto Da Maiano, which had been damaged by the earthquake in Central Italy in 2016. The auction took place in Palazzo Bastogi, Florence, in conjunction with the Tuscan Regional Council, the Florentine school “Kindergarten”, Galleria Farsetti, the non-profit Friends of Florence and the Brera Museum of Milan.

She was responsible for the Conference “Nelle forme le cose. Tra design e arte persiana [Things in shapes. Between drawing and Persian art]”, with talks by Seyyed Reza Lahiji, lecturer at the University of Tehran and Pars University, Mohammad Reza Riazi, lecturer at the University of Tehran and the Tehran Academy of Art and the writer Fabrizio Cassinelli.

She took part in a charity auction for the children of Ethiopia “Arte contemporanea per Busajo” in conjunction with the publishing house Giunti Editore, Philippe Daverio and Galleria Farsetti.

She took part in the jury of the exhibition-contest “Pending Cultures. Una rete di connessioni 2017” at Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea of Firenze and she held this role in the 2018 edition too.

She currently holds the Chair in drawing, Painting and Anatomy at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and is lecturer in Anatomy at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts (RAA) in Florence. She collaborates with the Tuscan Regional Council, Galleria Farsetti, the dance school, Kaos Balletto of Florence and Giunti Editore. She also works with the Istituto degli Innocenti di Firenze, a child protection agency, on a scheme aimed at teaching art to children in need.

She is working as researcher and teacher of Art Therapy in an international project with New York University, The City University of New York and the Mark Morris Dance Center of New York focusing on research for the cure of degenerative illnesses like Parkinsons. She is working on the establishment of a University Master on Art for the benefit of the Neurological Sciences.

She collaborates with Palazzo Strozzi of Florence for carrying out artistic performative activities about the research of degenerative illnesses, especially Alzheimer.

Performance Art

Between 2015 and 2016 Tannaz Lahiji presented her first public performances at the Teatro la Colonnata and at Teatro Cantiere Florida in Florence, in conjunction with Kaos Balletto of Florence. This was followed by public performances at the Museo Bellini and at Palazzo Bastogi, Head Office of the Tuscan Regional Council. To date she has taken part in more than five theatrical  performances.

Tannaz Lahiji’s performance art encompass poetry, art, music, drawing on Persian and European culture. She has performed in numerous theaters and galleries, involving actors, dancers and professional musicians.

In 2016  she took part in a performance combining music and poetry at the Villa La Versiliana in Pietrasanta.

In 2018, on the occasion of the inauguration of the periodic journal “Noi” [Us] of Caffè Michelangiolo of Florence, she realized a performance about painting and music at Palazzo Bastogi.

Solo exhibitions

In 2010 she took part in the exhibition held at Fondazione Museo Piaggio, in Pontedera, called “Shh. Rumori d’Artista [Shh. Artist’s noises]”.

In 2015 she exhibited at Galleria “La Soffitta” at Sesto Fiorentino with “In-Luce [In-light]” and afterwards at e Museo Bellini of Firenze with the exhibition “Oltre la luce [Beyond the light]”.

In the same year she showed her works in the exhibition “Nuoruz” at Palazzo Bastogi in Florence.

In 2016 she exhibited at the Villa La Versiliana, Pietrasanta (Lucca), with “AB-ACQUA”.

She curated and partecipated in the collective exhibition “Geografie di Confine [Border’s Geographies]” at Villa Pecori Giraldi – Museo Chini of Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence) and, in the same occasion, she realized a public performance about poetic lectures in persian and italian languages.

She was curator and partecipant artist of the collective exhibition “Paesaggisticamente” at Museo del Laterizio e delle Terrecotte of Marsciano (Perugia).

In 2017 she exposed at the exhibition on Carlo Lorenzini “E i miei compagni sono pronti? Gli domandò il burattino [“Are my companions ready” asked the puppet] at Palazzo Bastogi in Florence.

She took part to the collective exhibition “Just a moment” with international artists at Villa Strozzi in Florence.

She was curator and partecipat artist at the collective exhibition “Evi Bui? O anche la sfolgorante luce dei colori” [Evi Bui? Or the blazing colours light] in collaboration with Caffè Michelangiolo of Florence at the Castle and St. Nicola Church in Capalbio.

In 2018 she took part to the collective exhibition “Fix the Light” at Rapolano Terme (Siena).

She realized the exhibition project “Fulminazioni” [Lightning] inside the bar Zoe in Florence.

She took part to the collective exhibition “In-Liberty…la libertà del distacco” [In-Libery…the freedom of detachment] at Villa Pecori Giraldi – Museo Chini of Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence).

She exposed at the exhibition “Ultra Modum Humanum: al di sopra della natura umana” [Ultra Modum Humanum: above human nature” at Ex Macelli-Officina Giovani of Prato.

She took part to the collective exhibition “I grandi maestri toscani: dalla collezione del Consiglio Regionale della Toscana” [The great Tuscan masters: from the Tuscan Regional Council’s private collection” at Palazzo Malaspina of San Donato in Poggio (Florence).

She exposed at the exhibition “Il tempo nel vuoto” [Time in emptiness] at the Civic Museum of Cannara (Perugia).

In 2019 she has created a great installation-based project for the city of Florence, entitled “Reflections on Dante”. It was a multi-stage project that envisages the placing of her artworks – pictorial and otherwise – in structured trail through the historical Florentine venues of the Sala d’Arme of Palazzo Vecchio, Museo Casa di Dante, Palazzo Bastogi and the Central Market.

Tannaz Lahiji has exhibited in many galleries of Tehran, such as Sun House Gallery, Laleh Gallery and Free Lance Gallery (Tarrahane Azad). She exhibited throughout Italy and in foreign countries such as London, Moscow, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Darmeshtad in Germany.


Tehran Iran:

1992 Galleria Sun House

1993 Galleria Jamshidiie

1997 Galleria Laleh

1998 Galleria Dariabeigi

1998 Galleria Free Lance

2001 Galleria Palazzo Saad abad

2001 Galleria Palazzo Niavaran Galleria Jahan nama

2002 Galleria Kish Island (sud Iran)

2003 Galleria Jahan nama

2004 Galleria Mostra Internazionale

2005 Workshop (Iran)Museo di arte contemporanea


2005 Sardegna

2005 LABA ( Libera acc. BelleArti) Firenze

2005 Mostra Internazionale ( Firenze centro)

2006 San Miniato (Pisa)

2006 Workshop (Fortezza di Basso Firenze)

2006 Figline Valdarno (FI)

2006 Greve in Chianti (FI)

2006 Circolo vie nuove (Firenze)

2007 Grassina ( Firenze)

2007 Bagno a Ripoli ( Firenze)

2007 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

2007 Ponte a Ema (FI)

2007 Impruneta (FI)

2007 Circolo vie nuove(Firenze)

2008 Galleria Artedove (Firenze)

2008 Performance Bagno a Ripoli (FI)

2009 Mostra in Giubbe rosse (Firenze)

2009 Mostra Comune Bagno a Ripolei (FI)

2009 Performance Chiesa Santa Caterina all’Antella (FI)

2010 Mostra shhh..Fondazione Piaggio Museo Piaggio”Fiat” (Pontedera)

2010 Performance Bagno a Ripoli (Firenze)

2010 Mostra collettiva Galleria Tannaz (Firenze)

2011 Mostra ustrumbu ( Catanzaro)

2014 Personale Galleria Artedove (Firenze)

2015 Mostra personale IN-LUCE (La Soffitta spazio delle Arti Sesto Fiorentino)

2015 Performance IN-LUCE (Teatro Cantiere Florida Firenze)

2015 Performance IN-LUCE (Teatro di Colonnata Sesto Fiorentino)

2015 Mostra personale nel Museo Luigi Bellini (Firenze)

2015 Finissage con presentazione editoriale e performance al Museo Luigi Bellini (Firenze)

2016 Curatrice nella mostra Body World a Santo Stefano al Ponte di “Collage-Corpus 1 e 2”


2016 Collettiva “Il Capodanno dell’Annunciazione” Palazzo Panciatichi (Firenze)

2016 Personale “Nuoruz” Palazzo Bastogi (Firenze)

2016 Personale AB-ACQUA Villa la Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca)

2016 Performance AB-ACQUA Caffè della Versiliana Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca)

2016 Mostra collettiva“Geografie di Confine” Borgo san Lorenzo

2017 Mostra collettiva “Paesaggisticamente” Marciano (Perugia)

2017 Mostra collettiva “Just a Moment” (Firenze)

2017 Mostra collettiva “Evi Bui?” (Capalbio)

2018 Mostra collettiva “Fix the light” (Rapolano Terme)

2018 Esposizione “Fulminazioni” (Firenze)

2018 Mostra collettiva “In-Liberty…la libertà del distacco” Borgo san Lorenzo

2018 Mostra collettiva “Ultra Modum Humanum: al di sopra della natura umana” Ex Macelli – Officina Giovani (Prato)

2018 Mostra collettiva “I grandi maestri toscani: dalla collezione del Consiglio Regionale della Toscana” – Palazzo Malaspina (San Donato in Poggio, Firenze)

2018 Mostra collettiva “Il tempo nel vuoto”, Museo Civico di Cannara (Perugia)

2019 Mostra personale “Riflessioni su Dante” (Sala d’Arme di Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Bastogi, Museo Casa di Dante, Mercato Centrale) – Firenze


2002 Afghanistan.

2007 Inghilterra. Londra

2008 Russia. Mosca

2008 USA. Losangeles

2011 Cina Shanghay

2012 Germania (Biennale Weit Ba.R Stadkunst)

2014 Germania (Darmeshtad)